DIY: Self, Life

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Growth, Life
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I don’t remember what specifically I was reading that launched this train of thought, but it was something in Dan Miller’s No More Mondays. This thesis came to mind while walking back to my office from the ice machine. A few hours later I wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper in the car on my drive home – and it’s eerie that I had forgotten none of the original idea that came to mind.

I always thought I wanted to go back in time to take a second shot at my youth. It bothered me that maybe I was “living in the past”, as someone in my life once said of me. (This happened in the 90’s, and the conversation had more to do with my taste in music than anything else. Still… it hit a chord.) Maybe it isn’t that I wanted to go back in time (although that would be fun and very cool); it’s more likely that I meant something else entirely. I think my actually wish is this: I wish I had always been the person I am now, instead of the person I was back then. I like the person I am now – I never did like the person I was before.

It took me several years to build the person I am, and a whole lot of honest introspection and effort. Breaking bad habits, searching for a path to get to a better place. I created the person I am.

Now I have to go about the business of creating a life I like. I have, in small ways, done this all along while the person-building project was going on. Somewhere in my mind I realized that step one was “work on self” and step two would naturally follow, “work on life”. I knew I had to become the person I want to be before I could successfully start the work of obtaining the life I want to live.

Friday August 15, 2008 – 10:45am (EDT)


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