Happy Half Year

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Growth
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Everyone gets so excited about January 1, setting goals and listing their resolutions. I admit, it is helpful to have a solid line of demarcation, but who says it has to be at year’s end? Why not the exact midway-point between one year’s end and the next – say, July 1?

There are gobs of topics and news items that have popped up since last I wrote, and even a couple of goals accomplished since the year began. Which leads to another idea – if a goal is reached before the year ends, why not redirect my efforts towards a new goal? More on that soon. Meanwhile, here are a few new things this year that may appear in upcoming posts:

  • Softball – second season
  • Hiatus from DYB10Y
  • 50 books in 2011 (did this last year, too)
  • 50 beers in 2011, and Summit’s 100 Draught Passport program
  • Buick purchase
  • Kid off to college
  • Map-Cat close (turrns out the ones who needed it failed to understand that they needed it)
  • Telework pitch – fail?
  • New boss with big ideas of his own – but facing similar obstacles as mine
  • Warrior Dash! (goal reached!)
  • Inspired by 4HWW, frustrated by those who would never get it
  • Sunday DVD classes grow
  • Minimalist goals / mindset for minimalist home life
  • New kitchen, dining area, rugs
  • Golf with Paul
  • Subversive website launch for the boss
  • And probably much more that I can’t remember just now…

So it seems that I ought to have a lot that prevents me from claiming writer’s block.

As for my half-year’s resolutions, I have chosen this blog as a venue for acheiving this goal: 50 posts in 2011! Wonder how many “50”s I can hit this year…

And how many things should be on my list to STOP doing (that’s right, Blockbuster movies-by-mail, I’m talking to you!)




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