About Red’s Web Journal

I thought I’d never have anything worthwhile to share with the e-world. I still believe that, too. This is just stuff.

My grandfather was Red (to his friends) – also known as Pappy (to his kids and grandkids), also known as John (to everyone else). I inherited his Irish good looks and red hair, but as a child very few people ever spontaneously called me “Red”.  Then in the eighties, when video games required you to limit your  high-score name to three letters (and using your actual initials was soooo lame), RED was just a natural choice.

The path my life has taken, seen from any single point along my timeline, could not have predicted where I am today. Some of that history may come out in my writing and in the stories I choose to share. Now I spend my happy days with my wife and two nearly adult kids and my cat in a home that’s still worth more than I owe in a suburb about an hour outside Atlanta, GA. And despite the sometimes morose “voice” in my writing, life is good.

So, although I sometimes wonder if anything I have is worth sharing with the e-world, I still go on and do so. It’s an effort, I suppose, of working out how I think the world works by writing it down. It’s just stuff; take it as you will. Leave a note sometime and tell me what you think.

-Mike Fairman, 2011

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