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Shoutout to a Favorite Blogger

Posted: June 16, 2016 in Food, Uncategorized
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I’ve been a fan of “Marie, Let’s Eat” for many years. The tiny rural restaurants (often but not exclusively BBQ joints) that he reviews are exactly the kind my bride and I enjoy. I’m sad to learn the family is moving from Georgia to Tennessee, because it will mean fewer new posts local to me. The bright spots are that he’s reviewed probably 250 places already, most of which I have yet to explore, and I like to visit Tennessee (where the blogging will, we’re told, continue).

He recently penned About “Georgia Barbecue”. This post (and, in truth, every post) does a couple of very important things: a) it reveals that BBQ in GA has unique regional styles, is worth exploring, and busts the myth that Memphis or the Carolinas have a lock on the genre, and 2) for those of us who travel the rural routes in GA it provides a valuable guide from a dedicated food blogger who is, despite his protests, an expert.

To my friends out of state, bookmark this guy if you ever travel through this way.


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It’s beginning to feel like the time has come again to bring this page out of mothballs, dust off the accumulated debris, and launch some new content. Summer is fast approaching, so I’ll have some hiking posts to write. There are a lot of new restaurants our there (some of which are only new to me), and I’m still interested in exploring and reviewing them. We are nearly six months away from the Presidential election, so there’s a lot to cover there (some of which may even be original). I may even get to chronicle my bride’s progress as she builds her side business to mammoth proportions so that she can keep me in a manner to which I would enjoy becoming accustomed. Who knows what direction this journal may take?

My intent is to work up to a regularly periodic post schedule, but until I get into that habit things are certain to be sporadic. Don’t worry if some time passes between one post and the next.

Readers will, I hope, be entertained by my hiking, restaurant, and business articles. Religion and politics, however, have become blood sport of late. I hope you find my analysis of these contentious subjects useful and interesting, and that there is much upon which we agree. I would love to hear your comments, as well. And even if you disagree with the things I write here, that’s okay – we can probably still be friends. If you use the comments section to give voice to your displeasure I’ll try not to let my feelings get hurt. And if you promise to not think less of me for these opinion posts, I promise not to think less of you for being wrong. 😉

See you soon!