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It doesn’t seem possible that it’s almost April already. I had so many plans that should have come to fruition by now. I distincly remember last November thinking that January, maybe February at the latest would be the month where my free time finally became available to me again. Ha! No such luck.

Although I continue to make progress on my to-do lists, I always seem to remain “just a few more weeks” away from that mythical situation – a day with nothing special going on and the opportunity to just head out on an adventure or two. It’s like the shimmery mirage in the desert that keeps just out of reach even though you keep walking toward it.

So I set deadlines and make lists, because without them I would simply flop around the living room in confusion, making whimpering noises and wiping the drool from the corners of my mouth.

Pappy will be moving in next Saturday. Which means that my son has to move out of his old bedroom and into the new one by Friday night. Which means that construction on the new bedroom has to be complete by Thursday night. Which means that I have to finish painting in there tonight. Oddly enough, I could have had the room finished two months ago, but nobody gave me a concrete deadline. Or rather, they kept moving the deadline back because they weren’t ready, which was okay with me and gave me time to procrastinate by tackling other things on other lists. There are always LOTS of things on LOTS of other lists. We spent our last three-day weekend going through 800 lbs of paperwork that has accumulated over several years (no really, 800 lbs!).

I will have earned my vacation, which occurs in a week. I’m not going anywhere, I just need the rest. Unfortunately, the kids also have that week off from school, so they’re likely to want to do, go, see, call, shop, visit, play and watch something every couple of hours. They don’t have the imagination that kids used to have coming up with inventive ways to entertain themselves. Don’t get me wrong – I remember being incredible bored an awful lot as a kid, but I certainly knew that I couldn’t count on my folks to hand me something entertaining to do. It was up to me and my friends to invent something to occupy us.

I can see that I am going to have to create some firm but artificial deadlines in my life if I’m ever going to see a day where I can once again say, “I’ve got nothing to do. Let’s do something fun today.” Maybe in a week or two. Or a few weeks after that.

Wednesday March 26, 2008 – 03:42pm (EDT)