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Stardust – Making Fantasy Fun Again

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Fun
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It is so refreshing to find a movie that our whole household had fun watching. This one had me fondly reminiscing about Princess Bride, Time Bandits and Big Fish. Too many films in the fantasy genre have gone so dark and sinister (not to mention heavily occult), relying on CG to make up for lack of plot. Stardust is a happy, fun and captivating example of whimsical storytelling. Who cares if you know early on that there’s going to be a happy ending?

Our family has had a hit-or-miss track record lately with our movie rentals. They were fine for two or three out of the four of us, but there was always one or more of us who left the room because they had lost interest. Often the content was too outrageous because of the uncomfortably frequent expletives or otherwise vulgar dialogue, but usually it was the seemingly requisite naked-humping-actors-within-five-minutes-of-the-title-sequence (seems an R rating is the new X). A couple of times we returned the rental before we had finished it, because we were just too bored to go on (we usually split movies over two or more evenings, especially during the week).

I thought maybe it was because most of our recent rentals were serious dramas. Stardust looked like the answer to that; some fantasy, some humor, a little drama, some romance and a PG-13 rating. Something fun and light to break us out of our rut. I picked it up, and grabbed Across the Universe as well (haven’t watched that one yet; maybe this weekend).

I’m so happy to report that the streak has been broken. We were entertained like we haven’t been in a very long time. I think we each enjoyed it for different reasons, but we had fun spending this time together laughing and smiling and watching the story play out. It was such a delightful experience that we’re considering purchasing a copy, and the next day I wrote an online review at Blockbuster and at Yahoo Movies. And now I get to look forward to watching films with the family again.

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