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Last Wednesday night’s Libertarian Dime episode was my podcast debut. I’ve been a fan of the show since the end of November, and began listening to the live feed a couple of months ago, chiming in on the live chat room. A couple of weeks ago Jonathan and I chatted online libdimefor awhile after the show, and later in the week he asked me to be a guest host. I was waiting for Shane’s finished and edited version to review it and write down my thoughts, but then remembered that the raw recording was available. My first impression of the show is that I definitely need a better microphone.

I wish I had had a bio ready… it seems like I should have known that question was coming. There were a lot of things I wish I had mentioned, and I wonder why I wandered off topic the way I did. Here’s what I should have said:

I’m happily married, have two kids and two cats. I live in the metro Atlanta area, but I grew up in Flint, Michigan, home of the UAW, Michael Moore, New Kids on the Block, and Grand Funk Railroad. My j.o.b. is for a well-known national charitable organization, but I am trying to put together an event maps business on the side. Like many people my age, I feel like I spent a dozen or more years wasting time and now I’m finally pointing the right direction – financially, physically, mentally, vocationally and spiritually. But it’s a long row to hoe.

In the ’80s and ’90s I was youthfully and inconsistently opinionated. I thought when Clinton ran for his first term as president his ideas for socialized health care were great, and that’s why he had my vote – except that I never voted, because that’s how they get you for jury duty. When I “grew up” I realized that my desire for socialized health care was entirely because I was poor and I wanted to avoid paying for it myself. Although the 2000 presidential race caught my attention (I still think there was a lot of ballot fraud and pulled strings in Florida), I didn’t really start paying close attention to current events until after 9/11. I started listening to talk radio and stopped listening to John Stewart and Bill Maher. I started reading books about mortgages, history and ethics – books that would teach me things and not just entertain me. I stopped watching television and started exercising.

In 2008, the Democrats nominated not one but several of the most left-wing candidates for president ever, the Republicans nominated the most uninspiring candidate possible, and Georgia looked like a close call for conservatives in every race… so I registered to vote for the first time in my life – hoping to make a difference. I listen to the Cato Daily Podcast and did a search for other Libertarian podcasts, which led me to the Libertarian Dime.

Later in the show, Shane surprised me with a question about PBO at the G20 summit. I think I did all right in that discussion, having read stuff about it all week. I think Shane was trying to say that it doesn’t matter what our president does overseas, America will remain much the same. My point, which I think sounded better on review than it did live, was that we are the big dog and shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. In the days that followed the show, I got to thinking that we should do an episode on American exceptionalism. Wikipedia has a nicely concise explanation of the term.

When health care came up, I thought, “Oh, no. I don’t care about this topic. Hope I can keep up.” I came up with a comment about the doc in Manhattan, and although I didn’t find the link during the show, I did provide it to the guys after the show.

So far, so good. Up to this point in the show I don’t sound like a boob.

We moved on to briefly touched on wealth envy, global control of business, and the economy. I was having a little trouble putting my ideas together, but it sounded rational enough. I didn’t sniffle and say, “umm.” There wasn’t much to add on the topic in the time we had available. If I had notes prepared, I might have floated a few ideas to see what the guys thought, but maybe we’ll save those for another day.

Overall, I think the show didn’t suck, and it was a lot of fun. Hope I get invited back regularly.