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Like many of my fellow patriots I had no wish to watch the slow-motion train wreck of the Presidential election, so since October of 2016 we have been hunkered down in our SHTF “bug-out” cabin in an undisclosed wilderness waiting for the post-American fallout to clear. We assumed we were well supplied and prepared to outlast the inevitable Hillary Clinton presidency (and the subsequent loss of liberty, freedom, and the collapse of our once proud nation) but SOMEBODY seriously miscalculated the pop-tart inventory. Also, I’m out of beer already (no surprise) and our DVD collection is wearing thin.

Since I am making this trip to pick through the ruins of civilization to remedy those “basic needs” shortages, I decided to charge up the old electronic devices on a lark and was surprised to find the Wifi and cell-phone coverage is still functional. How odd.

Well, now. It seems that even the Internet is still up and running. Let’s just scroll through some old headlines here to see how bad things got before the end of Western civilization.

This can’t be right…

He… he won? How the hell…

Well, even so, he’ll never keep those outrageous promises he… wait just a friggin’ minute. He’s done what? Huh.

So. There you are. I’m speechless. And, frankly, giddy with relief. I guess all I can do now is quote the late Gilda Radner: “Never mind.”

P.S. What am I going to do with a room full of MREs and a metric ton of toilet paper?


voting 2016-05-24 10.24.11Today is what some might consider a “minor” voting day in Georgia, in that it’s a local general election/primary poll. No one is voting for president, the US Senators and Representatives on the ballot are only battling other members of their own party, and most of the candidates for lower offices are unchallenged. But we still have a responsibility to fulfill today.

The notion that “voting is a right” has long been a matter of debate. What is not up for debate is that it is a civic duty. But our first and foremost civic duty is to be informed, aware, invested, contributing members of society.

I implore you: keep America’s integrity intact. Do not attempt to  fulfill your duty at the ballot box until you have first fulfilled those other important duties. If you have not done the research, it is instead your duty to stay away from the polls. We don’t need the ignorant, the half-awake and the barely involved deciding our future.

Two great things in one: a) Kids In The Hall and 2) mocking Social Justice Warriors.


If you won’t give me the keys, don’t get mad if I get out of the car.

In the days leading up to the Indiana primary last week, being a Cruz supporter felt like being the only sober person trapped in a car full of loud, mean, uninhibited drunks, and no one will let you drive. I have never been so embarrassed about my country and disgusted with my countrymen – or more accurately, a specific majority of them. American culture has been so debased that 71% of those who voted in Indiana cast a ballot for either a criminal, a communist, or a con-man. They knew it, and they did it anyway.

Now we are left with Trump or Clinton; simply put, our choice is between the evils of two lessers. Eventually the carload of drunks are going to sober up and discover we have wandered into communist East Germany without passports. When they do, they’ll blame it on all the other drunks, and even us sober folks. Then they will look for a solution, and all we’ll be able to say is, “You killed it Tarzan, you eat it.”

The Trumpaloompas are annoyed and surprised that #NeverTrump movement is still there, but they shouldn’t be. It was a clear “here I stand, no matter what” pledge. It is more appropriate to be annoyed by the assertion that refusing to vote for Trump means you will vote for Clinton.* But maybe we don’t have to choose between the evils of two lessers. I usually reject an either/or premise, as it is often a classic logical fallacy of “insufficient options”. There are nearly always more than two ways.

There have been several news items reporting a sharp rise in Libertarian Party interest, discussions of independent third party runs, pledges for write-in campaigns, and other such stirrings among the disaffected. It would be a much-needed miracle for our Republic if a movement like that showed a realistic chance of making a difference. At the moment it seems to be only a pipe dream. So while I am hopeful, I am also skeptical. Time will tell. Without it, we really will find ourselves with insufficient options, and the only remaining fallacy will be the notion that casting a vote makes any difference at all.


#NeverHillary #NeverTrump #john1633

*Another assertion is that to vote for neither Trump nor Clinton will create by default a Clinton win. This is simply false; Clinton won when Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee. That’s exactly what #NeverTrump was trying to prevent.

Predictions on Election 2016

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Politics
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A few of my predictions following the 4/26/2016 primaries and the announcement of Ted Cruz running mate Carly Fiorina:



Donald Trump and Ted Cruz [REUTERS/Mike Blake]

Trump will spend the last week before the Indiana primary trying to convince everyone that the race is over, since he is the last one not mathematically eliminated from a first-vote win at the Cleveland convention. He will refuse to acknowledge that he will also be eliminated after he loses in the upcoming Indiana or California primaries. The GOP establishment and main stream media assist with this narrative.

Cruz will win big in Indiana on 5/3. It will be the start of some serious victory momentum which will bring out the long knives from Trump’s campaign, mainstream media, the Trumpaloompas, and other liberals.

Cruz will do well in California. By the time California’s primary ends on 6/7, Trump will also be mathematically eliminated from getting the 1,237 delegates he needs.

The Trump campaign will try to steal the nomination by insisting on rule changes from “must win a simple majority” to “most votes on the first ballot”. He or his mouthpieces will claim widespread corruption and use veiled threats to intimidate the GOP into cheating Cruz out of a delegate battle. John Boehner decides that the GOP caving in is his opportunity to get rid of Cruz and joins forces with the Trump campaign.

Trump will lose delegates on the second* vote at the convention and (if necessary) every vote thereafter until Cruz becomes the nominee. This will largely be because Trump failed to court those who originally backed Rubio, Carson, Kasich, Bush, Christie, Fiorina, Paul, Walker, Perry, Santorum, and Huckabee (essentially telling them “These voters, the 35% that chose me, represent the will of the people; and the rest of you, the 65%, do not – so sit down and shut up and let me win”).

The Trumpaloompas will riot and spew, and the world will be disgusted at the state of US political discourse. Democrats will campaign on how awful GOP politics is and will use Trump’s sound bites in their ads. Trump will hint at a third-party run, which by this time even his most rabid backers will ignore.

By mid-August (or at the latest, a week after the first Cruz/Clinton debate) Cruz will handily be polling 10-15% higher than Clinton.

By late October, it will be obvious that the Cruz/Fiorina ticket will win a landslide.

On November 8, Clinton will pull out a surprise win. The investigation into the well-documented massive voter fraud will immediately be halted by executive order. Bloggers, politicians, and other dissenting voices will be audited, and unless they acquiesce, jailed. Her most egregious attempts at despotism are rebuffed by veto-proof Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

(Okay, that last item may be a little too far out in the future to be accurate, but given the history of Democrat duplicity, we’ll just have to see what happens.)


*POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE PREDICTION: Through some bizarre fluke of history (i.e. untimely death, plague, alien invasion, apocalyptic rapture) Cruz cannot continue his campaign all the way to the GOP convention and Trump exceeds 1,237 delegates on the second vote, winning the nomination. The Trump/Clinton debates achieve the impossible: by comparing them side-by-side, Trump makes Clinton look Presidential. Clinton is elected president in November and down-ballot the Democrats sweep the House and Senate in landslide victories. Western civilization succumbs to tyranny and degenerates into tiny fiefdoms across the globe. Just days before all the Universities are shuttered, analysts prove that a third-party bid (by any candidate at all) would have put the electoral college into play and avoided this disaster. The smoke from the fires of thousands of cities and towns blots out the sun, bringing on a new ice age. The end of life as we know it.



It’s beginning to feel like the time has come again to bring this page out of mothballs, dust off the accumulated debris, and launch some new content. Summer is fast approaching, so I’ll have some hiking posts to write. There are a lot of new restaurants our there (some of which are only new to me), and I’m still interested in exploring and reviewing them. We are nearly six months away from the Presidential election, so there’s a lot to cover there (some of which may even be original). I may even get to chronicle my bride’s progress as she builds her side business to mammoth proportions so that she can keep me in a manner to which I would enjoy becoming accustomed. Who knows what direction this journal may take?

My intent is to work up to a regularly periodic post schedule, but until I get into that habit things are certain to be sporadic. Don’t worry if some time passes between one post and the next.

Readers will, I hope, be entertained by my hiking, restaurant, and business articles. Religion and politics, however, have become blood sport of late. I hope you find my analysis of these contentious subjects useful and interesting, and that there is much upon which we agree. I would love to hear your comments, as well. And even if you disagree with the things I write here, that’s okay – we can probably still be friends. If you use the comments section to give voice to your displeasure I’ll try not to let my feelings get hurt. And if you promise to not think less of me for these opinion posts, I promise not to think less of you for being wrong. 😉

See you soon!


And Then My Head Exploded

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Politics
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guncontrol01A friend of mine (acquaintance, really, but I like the guy – he always seemed nice) recently posted this on Facebook:

I am not surprised by Sen Harry Reid’s treatment of “the gun bill.” Afterall his job is to get bills passed that are of interest to the Democratic Party and, in his case, the NRA’s thousands of dollars in Mr Reid’s campaign war chest. “The gun bill” will indeed be a fight up a very steep hill requiring continuing strong moral conviction, stick-to-it-tive-ness, convincing oratory, genius, and memory of the murdered children of Sandy Hook.

This time we had better not let our Congressmen go it alone. They need continuing encouragement and input from the rest of us. Join me in letting them know we want a US without killer weapons in anybody’s hands but the military and police. Remember the children.

I try to paint people in the best possible light – and so I nearly convinced myself he was being ironic, satirical or sarcastic. But it’s pretty clear: my friend is an idiot.

I nearly responded publicly to his post. I did not – not because I am afraid of repurcussions, but because I did not want to hurt my friend, or be seen as attacking his opinion. I typed a few things in as a reply, and good sense prevailed and I canceled my attempt at reason. You cannot change someone’s mind when they have their head that far up their ideology.

guncontrol02My favorite non-posted reply: “I cannot join you in your misguided dream of a US without “killer weapons” in anybody’s hands but the military and police. Tyrannies bloom and thrive in that atmosphere. Ever heard of China? Do you have the slightest idea how many millions have died because of that disparity of force? Even the most altruistic government will soon degrade into despotism if there is no barrier to it. Our founders understood this, largely because they had lived under a despotic ruler – and hoped to prevent his kind ever gaining a foothold again. You want a US in which only the government has weapons? The mere idea horrifies me.”